16 Aug

Back in the times of,
I Don’t Remember,
Came a memory
That shook her embers
Envoking her to total recall.
Just a babe was she
When taken to the knee
Of the man
That forever stained her life.
He’d tickle n play
In the most precarious way
Strange even for the child.
But endure did she
For what seemed an eternity
For grown hands that touch.
Now in the mind of the young
Imaginations do run
And hers a land unrestricted.
Demons and monsters had faces. With pleasures in strange places
All found between her legs.
How can this be
Such an atrocity
Her innocence forever lost.
Lies and deceit
Life lived incomplete
The remains her empty shell.
What becomes of a girl
If ripped from her most lovely world
Of love, security and peace.
She can wither and dry, heart torn apart, awaiting the end of the hell she sees.


The Life Engineers: Prometheus Asks, Is a Culture as Stupid as Ours Ready to Create New Life?

6 Jul



29 May

Today I am colorless Stripped of my reds, the anger I cannot see… Stripped of blues, the sorrow embedded in me…. Stripped yellow, exposing my fear… Stripped away green, memories held dear…. Stripped like the day, my black, always hidden from sun…. Stripped, naked, and wanton, of color; just when my rainbow begun.

25 May

I am in shock that we have not heard of this bacterial strain prior to this. The bible.says it is.a lack of knowledge ….stay aware !!!


UPDATE:  Two new cases of necrotizing fasciitis, a potentially deadly flesh-eating bacterial infection, have been confirmed in Georgia, while another case is suspected in Allegheny County, Penn., as media fervor focuses attention on the rare and highly dangerous disease.

Paul Bales had his leg amputated Thursday, after flesh-eating bacteria infected a cut on his leg. He suffered the cut as he was removing a section of dock on Lake Sinclair, in Milledgeville, Georgia. Bales bandaged the cut, but did not seek medical attention until May 5. A week later, he was transferred to the Medical Center of Central Georgia. Similar circumstances are what sent another Georgia man to the hospital. 

Bobby Vaughn, a 33-year-old landscaper from Catersville, Georgia, fell ill after getting what he called a “very small cut on his leg” while cutting weeds. Now it seems that small cut is behind Vaughn’s May 4 visit to the same…

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I Got Something To Say!!

6 May

We rant we rave, yet what we want is someone to listen. A person who accepts what we say, and believes what we are saying. Blogs are fine, they allow us an opportunity to express what’s screaming to get out. Yet we are creatures that need contact, interaction, and communication.( good ol feedback, validation)
What happens when we are neglected of these basic  necessities? I will tell you. We become secluded, anti-social, non trusting, internet junkies( only to  do blogs as this…lol), paranoid, and uncaring. Lord, Jesus, we need you. I must remember that there is,a friend that sticks closer  than a brother. That there is one who loves me unconditionally. One who will leave the 99, just to look for the one. I’m talking about, loves me so much, that he gave his life for me. I know, this is probably not what you expected from the blog. Trust me, I  was going in another direction. Somebody out there will read this(yeah you) this and ya need to know that there is one that loves  you and cares for you. His name is Jesus. Always willing to listen(that’s prayer, just talking) to you. His grace and mercy is there to reassure you of how much he loves you. No matter what you have done, he is waiting on you to surrender your life to him. Give him your all. He will forgive you of your sin, if you confess your  sin. It says, “that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans10:9 Then to be baptised, an open example of the new life God has given you. If you would like more info,  please make a comment, and I will respond. I think I will give my testimony next blog. Only fair thing to do, just so you can understand why I love God, and see how much he loves me. Ok until next time, I’ll be praying for you.  It’s better with Jesus.

A little off the shoulder. That’s it….

4 May

Ok, enough already. From the commercials, to the shows on t.v, we get it, sex sells.  Must you, on a continual basis, shove it down our throats as if it is essential, like the air we breath.  How difficult it is to train our children to abstain, when we are constantly fighting against the worlds system.  The soft subtle suggestions are everywhere, in the cartoons, commercials, and let’s not speak on the music. I suppose, the opportunity for a break is slim to none, huh? Situations like these have me yearning for the days of old, ahhh……oh wait, it was happening then also. Oh no, this plauge of overt sexuality with subtle undertones has been around since the days of, Sodom and Gomorrah. You do remember what happened to them, right? It seems as an insult to humanity, from those powers that be, that we are incapable of receiving information, unless there is a scantly clad maiden, or some guy in barely there attire( hey why don’t we have an equal amount of males to females…ok guess I will put that in another blog.), please stop insulting  our intellect. Most of us(ok some, lol) are smarter, than the average boo boo bear. My mom tried to raise me on the this, that we women are more than sex objects., well, in a perfect world.  I assume the solution, only as an alternative, is for me to turn off the  radio and t.v., stop looking at magazines, Aww…lol, thank God for the internet, jazz, the bible and other good books, and a mp3 player, in my phone, allowing me the ability to exercise my right of freedom, to listen to talk radio and good ol gospel music.  So until next time, enjoy your constitutional rights( I mean, Patriot Act, rules and regulations) in this, “In God we trust”, nation of ours. Lord, help me not be sarcastic on my blog…..lol

Welcome to my world….

4 May

I’d like to thank WordPress.com, for creating a venue where the average person can express themselves. I hope you find this blog to be insightful. A place where creativity and the passion for truth will be shared in such a way that you will feel free to share your thoughts as well. Again, welcome and may we grow together.