A little off the shoulder. That’s it….

4 May

Ok, enough already. From the commercials, to the shows on t.v, we get it, sex sells.  Must you, on a continual basis, shove it down our throats as if it is essential, like the air we breath.  How difficult it is to train our children to abstain, when we are constantly fighting against the worlds system.  The soft subtle suggestions are everywhere, in the cartoons, commercials, and let’s not speak on the music. I suppose, the opportunity for a break is slim to none, huh? Situations like these have me yearning for the days of old, ahhh……oh wait, it was happening then also. Oh no, this plauge of overt sexuality with subtle undertones has been around since the days of, Sodom and Gomorrah. You do remember what happened to them, right? It seems as an insult to humanity, from those powers that be, that we are incapable of receiving information, unless there is a scantly clad maiden, or some guy in barely there attire( hey why don’t we have an equal amount of males to females…ok guess I will put that in another blog.), please stop insulting  our intellect. Most of us(ok some, lol) are smarter, than the average boo boo bear. My mom tried to raise me on the this, that we women are more than sex objects., well, in a perfect world.  I assume the solution, only as an alternative, is for me to turn off the  radio and t.v., stop looking at magazines, Aww…lol, thank God for the internet, jazz, the bible and other good books, and a mp3 player, in my phone, allowing me the ability to exercise my right of freedom, to listen to talk radio and good ol gospel music.  So until next time, enjoy your constitutional rights( I mean, Patriot Act, rules and regulations) in this, “In God we trust”, nation of ours. Lord, help me not be sarcastic on my blog…..lol


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