25 May

I am in shock that we have not heard of this bacterial strain prior to this. The bible.says it is.a lack of knowledge ….stay aware !!!


UPDATE:  Two new cases of necrotizing fasciitis, a potentially deadly flesh-eating bacterial infection, have been confirmed in Georgia, while another case is suspected in Allegheny County, Penn., as media fervor focuses attention on the rare and highly dangerous disease.

Paul Bales had his leg amputated Thursday, after flesh-eating bacteria infected a cut on his leg. He suffered the cut as he was removing a section of dock on Lake Sinclair, in Milledgeville, Georgia. Bales bandaged the cut, but did not seek medical attention until May 5. A week later, he was transferred to the Medical Center of Central Georgia. Similar circumstances are what sent another Georgia man to the hospital. 

Bobby Vaughn, a 33-year-old landscaper from Catersville, Georgia, fell ill after getting what he called a “very small cut on his leg” while cutting weeds. Now it seems that small cut is behind Vaughn’s May 4 visit to the same…

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