16 Aug

Back in the times of,
I Don’t Remember,
Came a memory
That shook her embers
Envoking her to total recall.
Just a babe was she
When taken to the knee
Of the man
That forever stained her life.
He’d tickle n play
In the most precarious way
Strange even for the child.
But endure did she
For what seemed an eternity
For grown hands that touch.
Now in the mind of the young
Imaginations do run
And hers a land unrestricted.
Demons and monsters had faces. With pleasures in strange places
All found between her legs.
How can this be
Such an atrocity
Her innocence forever lost.
Lies and deceit
Life lived incomplete
The remains her empty shell.
What becomes of a girl
If ripped from her most lovely world
Of love, security and peace.
She can wither and dry, heart torn apart, awaiting the end of the hell she sees.


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