Can we all just get along?

I look to the ceiling and let out a long breath, it has been a long day.   No coffee today, traffic sucked, that made me late, computer down at work, I forgot my wallet, and I may not have enough gas to get to the gas station in the morning.  Oh and I burned dinner. I breathe again, sipping on golden turmeric tea with coconut milk. I highly recommend it, so delicious.  I go to my window which is accented with prettiest lavender lace sheers, and am drawn in to a scence from television. There’s a group of teenagers leaving the restaurant across the street.  They are just as carefree as a hummingbird in summer.  One girl in particular, finds something very funny and stops to really let the moment resonate. A few minutes pass and I refresh my tea. My attention being drawn outside again, I notice a police officer stop just before them, stop his car, get out and with hand on pistol. These are the worst of times, so I open my window and take my phone off the charger and begin recording.  I am so glad this is the quiet part of the day so I can get a good recording.  I have this feeling something is about to happen.  Do I stay here or should I go downstairs and tape this. I don’t know what to do, it’s like I’m stuck.  ” Where are you all coming from?”, he asks.  “That restaurant officer, is there a problem?”, someone states.  “I got a call that some kids were disturbing the peace and loitering. I need to see your ID’s”.  “Sir, it can’t be us, we just left the restaurant. You can go ask the owner, we are celebrating our graduating from college”.   I double check the battery level on my phone and low, one shot, screams and crying, pow, pow, pow, bodies fall, tires screeching, yelling of profanities, more sirens, pow, the blood, it’s so much blood.  I can’t see past my tears.  The young was taking his ID to him and the police said stop, he put his foot down.  Other officers appear and the boy turns his head and pow!   A girl jumps and screams, pow! A young man grabs his head yelling no!…. pow!  The girl so full of life and laughter now lost in dispair and madness begins yelling profanities and pow! She is still yelling and advancing towards the officer holding the freshly opened wound and pow!  The problem with this story is that the reality of this occurring is very possible.  I find the fact that we as a society have only made baby steps towards, “we the people”, getting it together.  Can we all just get along?  Why is this so hard for us?  So, we WERE under a system that stated slavery was a good way to help increase financial gain, by those employed by you ( I think I mean enslaved, same thing right?).    We have progressed from that but there is a racism that exists and it would be nice if some of you would stop pretending it doesn’t exist.  Why do we seem to be afraid of someone’s opinion and responses of touchy subjects that drives us to revert from open to shy, talkative to withdrawn.  OK so maybe you can’t talk to some folks but you know someone.  That one lady, Tanya in the cubicle next to yours.   Why not try not talking about, you know who, and discuss issues like racism and how change can begin with you two being an example.  Guess what that means communication outside the office.  Have her over, she and her 2 kids and hubby.  I know, that’s a bit much huh?  Guess what, you’re going over there too.  Remember we only fear what we don’t understand.   You don’t understand black and we don’t understand white.  We kinda get each other because we’ve been around each other but….  Let’s get together, have coffee, sit next to me on the train, speak to me when I say “hello”.  It would be good also if you could not grab your purse when I walk pass and don’t look at me strange when I drive down your street, gonna move next door anyway.  I will stop now, back to the point, just try.  Be honest and open, willing and trying to work for change.  I pray it goes well for you.  It is in you to love someone, you can be better.

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